Opioid Crisis

We first have to realize there is no magic wand or single solution to this problem. There are many spoke to a wheel for a reason, and we will need to approach the complex problem from many different angles to help resolve this crisis.
*School system –
Children who have access to fun and engaging after school and summer programs are less likely to find themselves in legal trouble or involved in gangs and drugs. We can work with the school system to improve transportation to and from extra-curricular activities. We need go the extra mile to nurture the creative and healthy interests of our children.
*School to Work programs –
We need to make sure that all of our students are prepared for life after high school, we are responsible for making them college or career ready. College is not the universal answer for each of the children in our community. We need our students to understand the value of learning a trade such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry and auto repair, to name a few. The economy of Washington County depends on the contributions of all of its community members. We need to make sure that every child in our community knows that they can achieve success, even without a college education.
*Day Reporting Center –
We must continue to seek out ways support this creative and effective program. This program works to help people who want to get and stay clean. However, we must give those people a next step to strive for – in the form of meaningful employment and training programs to help them become independent and to empower them to re-enter society with dignity.
*Community partners –
To successfully navigate the horrible opioid crisis that is gripping our community, we will need all hands on deck. A well coordinated effort involving our county government, the public school system and all of our community partners working together is absolutely essential. There are so many incredible organizations in Washington County, and so many community members who are looking for a way to help. Organizations such as The YMCA, Girls Inc, The Boys and Girls Club, Brooke’s House, HEAL of Washington County, the Washington County Recreation Department and the Chamber of Commerce are just the tip of the iceberg. We will all need to get together, and to work together so that we can keep our children safe, engaged and active in our community.

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